5 Biggest Winners Of The Worst Employee Award

There are surely terrible supervisors — we see these generalizations all over TV, motion pictures and media. In any case, there are likewise, terrible representatives. Much the same as representatives from hellfire, they take, lie, cheat and sue the organizations they worked in. Many people do things that make you scratch your head and think 'what the heck were they thinking?!?!' obviously, how about we be practical, one can't in any way, shape or form please everybody — except these representatives are simply venturing their supervisor's toes deliberately. Here are the 10 most exceedingly awful workers that certainly merit a douche grant.

Missing For Six Years

A Spanish man was caught absent at work for at least six years after his colleagues tried to award him with a special long service award. Joaquin Garcia has been employed in a water company to supervise construction of a water treatment plant. Unfortunately, he had never appeared in the office for years!

Employee Fired Due To His Smelly Farts

An employee of Case Pork Roll Company in New Jersey was fired because of flatulence. Richard Clem has just undergone a gastric bypass surgery which had some bad after-effects, including “extreme gas & uncontrollable diarrhea.”

Teacher Tweets About Getting High In School

A worker of Case Pork Roll Company in New Jersey was let go in view of tooting. Richard Clem has recently experienced a gastric sidestep surgery which had some terrible delayed consequences, including "extraordinary gas and wild looseness of the bowels."

Airport Security Caught Stealing Luggaged Items to Sell to Ebay

Pythias Brown, an airplane terminal security specialist was discovered taking things on processed gear in the Newark air terminal where he worked. He was said to have stolen more than $200,000 worth of merchandise from handled in gear. Stolen products incorporated a $50,000 camera from a HBO group. Pythias Brown was gotten after he attempted to offer the hardware on eBay. Police revealed 66 cameras, 30 portable workstation and different gems in his living arrangement.

Employee Sues Company For Falling While Answering Work Phone Call-And Wins

A representative has effectively sued in light of the fact that he dropped out of bed while noting a business related telephone call, making him harm his back. Lancashire County Council needed to pay the representative an aggregate of $8,000 on harms.

With that in mind, OMG Lane has scoured the web and compiled a list of what we think are the most embarrassing sporting moments of all time. 

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